Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Unless You Really Want to Look Like a Fool, Don't Save on Business Analysis

I have just heard Tom MacDonald's news report "Philly bike share glitch creating hassle for riders looking to upgrade" on the radio.

According to the report, Indego, a public bicycle sharing system in Philadelphia, offers two membership plans: you can "buy a monthly Indego30 membership at $15 that gives you unlimited one-hour-rides or pick the $10 per-year IndegoFlex membership and pay $4 for each trip."

But you cannot change your plan!

And here is the "explanation" from the bike sharing program manager: "You've got one username and it only allows you to associate one type of membership with it... It's unfortunate, you can't just add another pass to the account because the whole database that drives the system is based on who you are and your identity is based on that username."

Yet another case of "Broken As Designed"!

This is what always happens when organizations think that the business systems analysis phase is optional, and they can just slap together a "solution" to a business problem they vaguely understand themselves.

The report also informs: "Ritz [the program manager -- I.P.] says he can't say how long it will take to fix the glitch. Indego is offering a one-time $10 credit for people who want to upgrade to cover the hassle."

Don't forget that fixing this bug will cost money and is more than likely to create new bugs.

Indeed, the stingy pays twice.

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